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PocketDiner Android Released!

After a lot of work and testing, PocketDiner for Android is finally out! For all you Androidophiles and lovers of Google who refuse to get screwed at lunch, this release is for you! We've taken all the features you loved from the iOS version of PocketDiner and crafted them into a native Android app.

PocketDiner First Release

Some of our users may remember PocketDiner from the early Pocket PC days - back when it was the first ever portable solution designed for calculating your way out of hairy lunches with coworkers. After many years, the next incarnation is finally out, this time on the iPhone/iOS platform. We've streamlined the app to deliver the functionality of the original PocketDiner while sporting a modern touch interface.




  • Cardiometer
    Leveraging the powerful ANT+ protocol, Cardiometer allows you to pair an ANT+ compliant heart rate strap to your android device and view multiple heart rate visualizations.
  • PocketDiner
    The original and the best! Calculate to the cent what each person owes at a meal. Never get screwed at lunch again! Now available for iOS and Android. Windows Phone 7 coming soon
  • Windows Mobile Telemtry Toolkit
    COMING SOON. Designed to provide vehicle telemetry data on your Windows Phone.
  • BoPoMoFo
    COMING SOON. Our first foray into mobile language development applications. Easy to use taiwanese flashcard app for iPad and android tablets.
  • Zombie X
    COMING SOON. Our top secret disruptive multiplayer zombie game.



We're just developers who are passionate about building great software! We started Talisman Mobile as a vehicle to produce mobile applications, bringing to fruition a vision that we have maintained since day one of the mobile revolution when the very first Windows CE device was released (anyone remember the casiopeia?). Our goal is to rethink how existing mobile applicatiosn work and engineer an alternative that we feel lends itself best to a touch-centric ever-connected mobile paradigm. We may be a bit late to the game, but rest assured we put a lot of thought and work into our products

Pocket Diner

Our flagship product, PocketDiner started life as a do-everything tip calculator that will eventually grow into an all-inclusive lunchtime utility for geeks that can't stand getting the short end of the bill when lunching with deadbeat coworkers. We are CONSTANTLY adding new features. If you have a suggestion, drop us an email and let us know.

What Others Have to Say

"...big lunches with complicated bills? NO PROBLEM"

"...deadbeat coworkers are now thoroughly educated on how much tax + tip REALLY adds to a meal"

"...AWESOME! Took a coworker out for her birthday. This is the first time we weren't short on the bill!"