Mobile Apps

Here is a sample of our existing apps to give you an idea of what we can build for you. We specialize in native mobile applications that take full advantage of the latest platform devices and features, not recycled web pages designed to run on your phone.


Never get screwed at lunch again! The goal of PocketDiner is to allow you to calculate to the cent what each person owes - taking into account shared food, divided tax & tip according to what was ordered, or who's birthday it is - all while minimizing data entry.

What's the big deal? What's a dollar or two between friends sharing a meal? Pretty inconsequential if you ask me. Coworkers, on the other hand are less scrupulous – the guy who always infuriates you by shorting the pot several bucks or the gal who orders a steak while you order a salad and insist the bill be split evenly.


Cardiometer is designed to work with ANT+ compliant smartphones and ANT+ compliant heart rate monitor straps to display unique and interesting heart rate visualizations.

Three TODO

THREE changes the way you manage tasks. Tasks go in. THREE will present you with three and only three tasks at any given time. As you deal with them, we'll keep track and tell you how you're doing.

Pixel Roboto

Pixel Roboto is a clean and simple widget with a unique grid of pixels that turn off as your battery life winds down. Two sizes are available (with or without clock) as well as two variations to accommodate both dark and light backgrounds. Tapping on the widget will show the default android battery management console.