We specialize in providing just enough manpower to bridge the gap on your small to medium software project. We take a pragamatic view that involves trying to identify problems in your existing enterprise, not find excuses to increase billable hours. Rather than focus on whether or not something CAN be done, we help shed the light on whether something SHOULD be done, thereby helping you make informed decisions that can save a lot of time and expense down the road.

Custom App and Mobile Development

With experience dating back to the beginning of the mobile revolution, we can help turn your ideas into a finished app. We can develop and ship fully native, clound enabled apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in Web, backend, database, and cloud application development in the Microsoft platform. Whether you have an existing application or site that requires maintenance, or have a legacy application you want to migrate or rewrite, or want a completely new system from scratch - we can help.

Cloud Migration and Architecture

If you have a small to medium enterprise, we can help you migrate to the cloud to increase flexibility and robustness, as well as reduce cost. We specialize in designing and managing cost efficent environments in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Besides migrating existing systems to Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), we can also help containerize legacy applications as well as redesign systems to run under fully managed Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service).

DevOps and Release Management for Small Teams

If you're a small shop or department that develops software in house, you may have experienced some growing pains. Once you reach a point where you can no longer test or develop in the "production" environment and need rigorous testing and requirements traceability of changes so that problems are mitigated BEFORE getting to your users, you need release management and DevOps (Developer Operations) support. We can help introduce your team to a completely managed release process that encompasses source control, build management, and continous integration.